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Our goal is to raise €555 000 by March 2022.

We are delighted to have reached our next milestone of raising €200,000. This means that we have completed Gabriel and Vimala Steadman’s challenge, who have matched the same amount towards our goal for the coming year.

It is possible to get tax relief on your donation depending on where you live. To find out more please see the information below the donation box

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Tax deductions

For France:  Please make a transfer from your bank account to the account of the Dotation Mary et Noor Inayat Khan – IBAN FR76 1027 8060 8100 0209 0990 133 and for a tax receipt please email

For the USA:  This is possible for donations over $1000. Please email

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Your donations should be sent through the Transnational Giving network of European (TGE) that facilitate cross-border philanthropy in Europe. The administrative cost for this possibility is 5% of the donation. To receive details of the procedure please contact us:

Administrative Fees

We are committed to being transparent about the use of your donation and would like to inform you that we will be taking 1% of all funds raised for administrative costs.